MOLOCH is a Polish electronic music / black metal artist based in Opole, Poland. His music can be described as eerie, dark, sinister and melodic. Hailing from the land of Frederic Chopin, inspired by sci-fi & horror B-movies’ music comes a classicaly-trained multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Fabian Filiks. His musical alter-ego, MOLOCH, has already gained some recognition. Now the time has come to fully unleash his scheme.

Since his debut in 2006 Fabian Filiks has already released a handful of albums under different names, including 5 full length releases and 2 Eps. His most notable work was with the black metal act Zorormr in which musicians like Mike Wead (King Diamond), Cezar Augustynowicz (Christ Agony) and many more participated. Now, after over a decade of different musical ventures Fabian Filiks returns as MOLOCH with a compilation of his works of dungeon synth / dark ambient.

Having said all that, there is only one thing to be added: MOLOCH is also ready to devour the stage with live performance of his music. With first shows coming in early 2018. See you there!

Moloch – The Abominatior
by Serhi Krykun